Alchemical symbology

Alchemical symbology Alchemy is a fascinating science of old sorcerers who used it to study chemical transformations and the transmutation of the soul. It was also what modern day chemistry came from. One of the main goals of alchemy was to transform ordinary metals into gold. The symbology of alchemy transmutes the mundane and communicates not only physical processes and …Continue reading →

Sacred Flowers – Poppy, Lily and Iris


Sacred Flowers – Poppy, Lily and Iris There are many flowers that have in depth mythology and legend associated with them. These flowers become sacred to worshippers of different deities and saints. Flowers can create links between the past and present through their symbolism; because there are specific flowers that have whole mythologies created around them they become bridges between …Continue reading →

Sacred Flowers – Daphne or Laurel and the Immortal Lotus

Sacred Flowers – Daphne or Laurel and the Immortal Lotus Flowers that have been cultivated by people for thousands of years, either for their biochemical properties or their beauty have reached statuses beyond the mundane. These flowers have morphed into recognisable symbols in art and literature. Sacred flowers have mythologies involving deities and are sometimes so important to the symbology …Continue reading →

Flower Meanings


Flower Meanings This is a list of the most enduring meanings of the language of the flowers. As early as 1590 in Holland there was published a book, Sybolorum and Emblemarum by John Joachim Camararius about the meanings of flowers. During the four centuries following it has been estimated that about 150 volumes have been published on the subject, each …Continue reading →

The Story of Narcissus


The Story of Narcissus The Narcissus has a very interesting and in-depth history consisting of Greek myths and other ancient stories of magick. It is also one of the most popular flowers in the world because to look upon it brings instantaneous joy. I was inspired to write this article when I got home from a business trip of a …Continue reading →

Superstitions: The Evil Eye

Superstitions: The Evil Eye Many people all over the planet have superstitions, especially witches and wizards, but not everyone knows where they come from. One of the most ancient and widespread superstitions is the belief in the evil eye; the strange power some people possess that is the ability to curse someone through a glance. There have been many amulets …Continue reading →

Horses of Mythology and Magick

Horses of Mythology and Magick The horse has been a significant animal to humans for thousands of years, horses were used to draw chariots for the Babylonians as early as 1700 B.C.E. The importance of the horse in the development of the human race has not been forgotten; there are many horses and equine type mythical creatures in mythology from …Continue reading →

An Altar for The Sun God

An Altar for The Sun God The sun god has many different names in many different cultures, in ancient Egypt he was known as Ra, Atum-Ra or Re, in ancient Greece and Rome he was known as Apollo and Helios and later in Rome he was known as Sol Invictus. Whatever name you want to give him, we think it …Continue reading →

Spiders, Symbol and Totem

Spiders, Symbol and Totem In nearly all cultures spiders as a symbol are thought to represent a cunning female. The femininity of the spider is consequent of its natures. Female spiders are usually much larger than the male and many of them eat the male after mating. It is not surprising that spiders are associated with the darker side of …Continue reading →

Dove, Symbol and Totem

Dove, Symbol and Totem Birds and winged creatures in general have similar spiritual and mystical associations. They are usually seen as messengers of the gods, angels or spirits. This is why angels are depicted with bird’s wings, demons are depicted with batt wings and the God Hermes has bird wings on his sandals and travelling cap. Shamans of such places …Continue reading →