Money attracting objects, herbs, oils and stonesgreen taper candles

Money attracting objects, herbs, and stones

Spirituality and money do not always go hand in hand, often if you are heavily involved in your spirituality you tend to neglect the world’s game of money making. A friend of ours once said, “if you work for spirit the rewards you get are of a spiritual nature and if you work in the mundane you will receive material rewards.” This statement rang so true, but magick can be used for whatever you want, its success depends on your dedication to the spell and the amount of energy you are able to raise. We think that a lucky charm or a spell will help us out, but you need to be equipped with the right tools, so here are a few objects, stones herbs and other random things that you can use in a money attracting spell or whatever way they are supposed to be used.

green taper candles

Money attracting objects

Three Keys warn together is considered as a lucky talisman in Japan. Each key represents a key to unlock a different need; one is the key to wealth, one is the key to health and the other is the key to happiness.

An acorn can be carried to attract wealth. It is also thought to attract the opposite sex and give the gift of youth.

A penny found heads up on the pavement or ground is considered very lucky, keep it in your wallet and it will attract wealth.

Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha placed opposite the door of your house or place of business is one of the best wealth attracting objects, rubbing its belly is also thought to attract wealth into your life.

In numerology the number 8 is associated with the accumulated of wealth.

To attract wealth using feng shui (material and spiritual) ensure that there is no clutter in your house, clutter makes energy blockages in your home and in your life. Get a fish tank and put gold fish in it, a number of gold ones, perhaps eight and black one. They are thought to attract and absorb all the negative energy in the room and as a result some may die. This however seems a little cewel to the fish.



Prosperity – Alfalfa, Alkanet, Ash, Banana, Benzoin, Elder, Tulip

Money – Allspice, Almond, Orange Bergamot, Blackberry, Bladderwrack, Blue Flag, Briony, Bromeliad, Buckwheat, Calmus, Cascara Sagrada, Cashew, Cedar, Roman Chamomile, Cinquefoil, Clove, Clover, Comfrey, Dill, Dock, Fenugreek, Flax, Fumitory, Galangal, Ginger, Goldenrod, Golden Seal, Gorse, Grains of Paradise, High John the Conqueror, Honeysuckle, Horse Chestnut, Irish Moss, Jasmine, Lucky Hand, Mandrake, Maple, Marjoram, May Apple, Mint, Moonwort, Moss, Myrtle, Nutmeg, Oak, Oats, Onion, Orange, Oregon Grape, Patchouly, Pea, Pecan, Periwinkle, Pineapple, Pipsissewa, Rattlesnake Root, Sarsaparilla, Sassafras, Sesame, Snakeroot, Squill, Tonka, Trillium, Vervain, Vetivert, Wheat, Woodruff

lots of gold coins

Riches – Camellia, Fern, Tea

Success – Lemon Balm, Rowan, Wahoo, Winter’s Bark

Treasure-Finding – Cowslip

Wealth – Basil, Heliotrope, Pomegranate


Aventurine, Citrine, Jade, Moss Agate, Tiger’s Eye

Almond Oil

Animal Symbols

Cow, Duck, Mouse, Turtle, Tiger, leopards

Other symbols

Pentagram, Decagram,


Orange, Green, Gold

Planet – Jupiter

Money spells are best done on Thursdays because that is the day of Jupiter.

It is also a good idea to make your own candles for your money spells, that way you can add whatever herbs and other things you want to them. For instructions on how to make herbed candles see the Magus Opus winter issue. For a selection of different money spells go to


Brad and Saskia

Brad And Saskia

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