Moth as a Totem

Moth as a totem

Most people when they think of the concept of animal totems they think of majestic animals or predators such as eagles, wolves or bears, although sometimes you may be given a totem animal that was not what you were expecting such as an insect or fish. If you are shown that one of your totem animals isn’t as grand as you were hoping do not be disappointed or dismiss it for every living creature has attributes to share, noble qualities are sometimes found in the unusual or tiny.

Today we are going to talk about the moth as a totem.

The moth is a nocturnal creature, and being such has the same associations as all creatures of the dark, these include mystery, secret knowledge, otherworldliness and heightened or psychic awareness. Although nocturnal animals can see in the dark, we cannot and therefore relate the darkness to mystery and the unknown. To navigate through the darkness we must rely on other senses and the moth brings us intuition, and all the other skills needed to navigate through the unknown.

Another tool used to navigate through uncertainty is faith, and moths have this aspect to attributed to them. The moth’s faith is so strong that they believe if they keep flying toward the light everything is going to be okay, they wouldn’t even have a second thought about it. If the moth is your totem there may be a lesson in this, be aware of blind faith for it will lead you to your demise. However there is something heroic in blind faith, perhaps if it attributed to your death, the gods wanted you back.

It is theorised that the reason moths fly towards an artificial light is because they use the moon to navigate, and when there is no moon, they fly towards the next best thing. This shows that the moth has vulnerability when it comes to its relationship to the moon, it will follow the course of the moon at all costs. What we can learn from this is to look at what is driving us forward on our life paths, you may be currently blind to the dangers that are surrounding you when you only have your personal goal in mind.

The moth also has the art of subtle seduction she releases powerful pheromones that can be traced by male moths over vast distances, and waits for them to come to her.

A moth is a master of disguise; she can blend in to her natural surroundings to near invisibility. This is a talent that is much desired by many, to blend in with any situation when it is required. However there is the danger in this. If you want to blend in with the furniture you may get your wish and no one will even really notices you. This can be especially true for shy people; there may be a lesson in it for them.

If a moth has a message for you it will fly into your face, if this happens think about what it might be trying to tell you, it may be a warning that you have blinkers on, you may need to look at the bigger picture.


Brad & Saskia

Brad And Saskia

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