The Four Major Archangels.

The Four Major Archangels.

The Four Elemental ArchangelsWe thought that today we would write a little about the four major Archangels.  The four primary archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. All of these archangels command power over a different element and direction as well as many other things.  We work with the archangels on a daily basis in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and also in many other areas. They are infinitely helpful and developing a good relationship with the archangels is almost essential for most magickal practice, after all they are the ones who, more than likely you are asking for assistance from in most Magickal Rituals;

The Archangel that most people have heard about is the Archangel Michael, he is the only Archangel to appear in all three of the Major religions texts Christianity, Judaism and Islam. He personifies the aspects of Guidance and Protection, the archangel of the North in the Southern Hemisphere and the South in the Northern hemisphere; he embodies the powers of the element of fire.  A good way to understand why Michael governs that direction is to think of where the equator is from you, so in the Southern Hemisphere the equator is to the North.  Countries in the equator zone are very hot places to live and be, they embody the essence of fire and show us his presence here on the Earth.  He is known as the chief of the heavenly hosts, the great prince or one of the chief princes.  Michael is always there to provide, sympathy, motivation, protection, strength, truth & integrity and he is always patient.  Every year there is a feast for Saint Michael on the 29th of March or September respectively (As in seasonal observations from Northern to Southern Hemisphere, Michaelmas is held at the start of Autumn, about a month before Samhain, when there is still some heat about).

The next Archangel most spoken about is the Archangel Gabriel, personifying the aspects of Inspiration and Reconciliation he is the Archangel of the element Water and the Guardian of the East or West, changing it for the Southern HemisphereNorthern Hemisphere.  (Personally, we believe that the elements should represent what is closest to you. For us, as we live on the East Coast of Australia, the closest massive body of water to us is the Pacific Ocean and is to the East.  West of Us is the Dessert so which we use those landmarks to work out our directions.)  He is considered to be the most holy messenger of God, this is more than likely due to the fact that in Christian traditions he is the one that announced to Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus.  Gabriel is considered now to bring joy, happiness, love and hope to humanity.  Gabriel embodies all the aspects of water and as such is wonderful in helping with psychic gifts and prophecy.  Gabriel will always help you overcome your fears or doubts and will always ensure that you are never “trapped” and will help you move ahead with whatever ideas you may have. Gabriel heals the inner child if you allow him.

An Allegory Of The Four Elements

I know that some of you may now be sitting here going, well that’s not what all my new age friends say in regard to the Archangel’s, my new age books state that Gabriel and Uriel are women.  We understand why many say this, and in fact if that’s the way you prefer it then by all means visualize and work with them as women.  However what needs to be remembered is that the Archangel’s are far beyond our complete comprehension and as such as beyond Gender. We however are traditionalist and prefer them in our visualizations & interactions to be men.

The Archangel that personifies the energies of Healing & Creativity is the Archangel Raphael, he is the guardian of the WestEast (Please pick appropriate hemisphere) and commands the powers of Air.  Raphael has been the help of many an Artist and Many a healer.  The Archangel Raphael is known as the divine physician and his task is to heal the wounds of Man-kind.  He has other very important roles as well though; one of his roles is as a teacher and he is often the one that helps us learn from the wounds that we have inflicted upon ourselves; one of his major lessons is that we are always surrounded by love.  Raphael is also in command of the powers of creativity, and always looks after the young. He loves to help those that are interested in spiritual matters, especially those contemplating or undertaking a pilgrimage. He is also very helpful in the recovery of lost or stolen goods, he loves helping those who wish to learn as he governs the planet Mercury which is the planet of thinking, communication and learning.

The final Major Archangel is one that there is very little mention of in most of the major theological sources and few people know many details.  This is more than likely due to the fact that there is no reference to Uriel in Canonical Scriptures (The main writings of the Christian Tradition), but rather he is mentioned in Judasim as he was the Angel who taught the torah to Moses.  The Archangel Uriel personifies the qualities of transformation and tranquillity.  He is the Archangel of the South (Or North in the Northern Hemisphere) and Commands the powers of the Earth. He is known as the fire of God, that fire though represents knowledge, the Archangel Uriel gave the Kabbalah to Mankind, in the Kabbalah Uriel is associated with the middle pillar of the tree and particularly the Sephriot Malkuth; even though this Sephirah is governed by the Archangel Sandalphon, we like to believe that they (Uriel & Sandalphon) work in conjunction governing the Earthly Kingdom & sometimes we even like to think that Mother Nature and Uriel are lovers.  You often see him personified in storms and even in the book of Enoch (Chapter twenty, I believe) he is referred to as the Angel in charge of Thunder and Earthquakes, his presence is felt in the divine rainbow that succeeds a storm.  The Archangel Uriel is also considered the guardian of the Nature Spirits and the Archangel of prosperity and as such will help people succeed as long as they work hard, are diligent and seek to do so for a greater reason than themselves.

Well there is a quick run down through the Archangels, working with them on a daily basis through the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is so important, you will develop your own visualizations of the Archangels that will make your relationship and your rituals infinitely stronger.


Brad & Sas

Brad And Saskia

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