Alchemical symbology

Alchemical symbology Alchemy is a fascinating science of old sorcerers who used it to study chemical transformations and the transmutation of the soul. It was also what modern day chemistry came from. One of the main goals of alchemy was to transform ordinary metals into gold. The symbology of alchemy transmutes the mundane and communicates not only physical processes and …Continue reading →

Ogdoad of Hermopolis – Egyptian Creation Story

Ogdoad of Hermopolis – Egyptian Creation Story Hermopolis was an ancient city that stood on the borders of Upper and Lower Egypt. The city was originally named Khmun by the ancient Egyptians meaning “eight town” after the Ogdoad, the group of eight deities that created the world. The city was named after the myth as it was believed to be …Continue reading →


Lilith Lilith is a major figure in Jewish demonology, she appears as early as 700 B.C.E in the book of Isaiah. However, her name is only mentioned once in the context of her being a creature of darkness. In Sumer 3rd century B.C.E. she was known as Lil the winged storm spirit, or spirit of vengeance. Her mythology concerning Adam …Continue reading →

Alexander Sanders

Alexander Sanders (1926 – 1988) Alexander Sanders is a British founder of modern witchcraft who self proclaimed himself  “King of the Witches,” he rose to fame in the1960s founding a major tradition that carries his name: Alexandrian Wicca. The name was also partly inspired by the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, one of the first attempts to bring all of …Continue reading →

Animal Poisons and Uses

Animal Poisons and Uses Animal poison has been used throughout history for many purposes, usually as a weapon. Sometimes the animal itself is used as a weapon and sometimes the poison is harvested from the animal in order to be used another way. Either way animal poisons were useful in many ways to tribal cultures of the world and also …Continue reading →

Poisonous plants

Poisonous Plants

Poisonous plants Dexterity with poisons has been ascribed to magick workers and sorcerers since ancient times, sorceresses knowledgeable in herbs and poisons were believed to exists in Cro-Magnon times, these are conclusions by anthropologists based on the observations of cave paintings. Poisons have always been the stealthiest of weapons – the best way to get rid of any enemy and …Continue reading →

Solar Festivals, Seasonal Celebrations

Solar Festivals, Seasonal Celebrations Easily one of the best things about being a Pagan is that you get to celebrate 8 festivals a year! We have a big gathering of our like-minded friends every festival and have a feast and a ritual to acknowledge the seasonal gifts and changes. There is an old Greek saying: Panta rhei ouden menei” which …Continue reading →

The Cycles of the Moon

The Cycles of the Moon New Moon The new moon is the beginning of the moon’s cycle from birth to death, it is the death of the moon; silent and dark, but it is also the stirring of new beginnings and new inspiration. She sits completely in earth’s shadow for one night only, this night is a good time for …Continue reading →

Fragrant Flowers For your Garden


Fragrant Flowers For your Garden If you are considering building an outdoor temple for fairies, nature sprits or your gods here are some ideas of what fragrant vines you could use. These three climbing plants are ideal for any special outdoor area but we have chosen them for the aroma that their flowers produce. Scent can be a powerful tool …Continue reading →

Sacred Flowers – Poppy, Lily and Iris


Sacred Flowers – Poppy, Lily and Iris There are many flowers that have in depth mythology and legend associated with them. These flowers become sacred to worshippers of different deities and saints. Flowers can create links between the past and present through their symbolism; because there are specific flowers that have whole mythologies created around them they become bridges between …Continue reading →